A new bee in the Forest.

My huge respect to all those writers and thinkers out there.

Well, even in my dreams i never ever felt like jumping into this ocean of thoughts. Because obviously i have ahead of me so many renowned experts of words. So, i just consider myself nowhere, but feel very ecstatic to be lost in this fair of all those who still believe in the strength of a pen.

But the accumulation of emotions inside the heart was getting heavier, And no better way than to write out these feelings to express the outburst and reassuring you all, this is just a journey of an honest feeler, one who strongly believes in basic needs of humanity.

Introducing the blog, this is going to be a roundabout of feelings, emotions, ideas, state of mind and experiences ranging from petty to hefty. This is not a professional pursuit but a heartfelt long walk to infinity. A hand-in-hand walk, where you will actually feel the companionship.

Hope you get the love I want to share through this medium. We’ll surely get a way through this life holding hands of each other. Enjoy the NOW.


Walking to Infinity


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