Success(1)- As i see it- 2 minutes reading


“Success is a journey, not a destination.” –Arthur Ashe.

Success, possibly one of the most loved words of mankind. A pretty moment, everyone wish to realize. Some just dream of it, others live it once in a lifetime, and very few relish it every second. One, who senses life’s opportunities and responds affirmatively, is bound to be the gentle recipient of this fruit. Success has somewhere been an essence of human aggrandizing. Not just that it differentiates a legend from the mass but significantly sets standards (or records) for the rest.

Success is eventually garnered through any of these- BRAIN or HEART, following one of them (remember just ONE) will lead you to the heights, eternal peaks. Contrary to it, following both simultaneously may head you to a black hole of confusion, dilemma, and depression. So better to take off, picking any one and never look back to the other.

Life is a bit different, its true colors are revealed in dark and only those with the ability and strength to witness those colors deserve to make the success stories. Those who know the tactic to turn the tide to their favor, who can feel the fine line between hard work and smart work, those who really bring revolutionary changes in humans for betterment, not only have their impression in history but also leave their footprints in the hearts of millions.

There are two renowned paths for success:

(1) Discipline compiled with dedicated hard work, essential knowledge and knuckle down attitude with a touch of extreme faith and most of all, Patience.

(2) Good Luck.

And luck not being in our favor every time, we just have the former option to rely on in order to avail this limited validity coupon of success.

Point is, success stories aren’t fairy tales. They may seem to be very melting, exquisite, inspirational and heart-warming. But they are generally built on a rock solid platform of tears, breakdowns, nervousness, agony, jeopardy and solitude.

Once, in his blog, Paulo Coelho said- “Success doesn’t come from one’s work being recognized by others. It is the fruit of the seed, you lovingly planted. When harvest time arrives, you can say to yourself: ‘I succeeded’.” Trophies and recognition are not success; they are just acknowledgement and branding of it. Leagues of Steve Jobs, Lionel Messi, Warren Buffet, J. K. Rowling and many others have refined the term ‘Success’ over last few decades.

So it’s not about what others think of you, but if back home at night, when you face the mirror, and looking into your eyes you can say- “My day was or better than how I anticipated it to be.”- That means, you succeeded in making the best out of it, and it would add up to prospect of your life. If you get to counter a different problem each day, it implies that you are stepping for success.

Success is not when you finally achieved a point you defined as per your belief in your capability and hard work, but real measure of success lies in the answer of the question- ‘For how Long did you actually remained hitched to the cliff which you assigned as a milestone in your success story?’                                                      success_blkboard1

Consider the most important constituent of success, Failure. Yes, you read it right, Failure, many think of it as contrast to success. But those who have survived success will tell you, failure is nothing more than a synonym to success, a push for goal, and a reason to continue. Over the years, we have had many success stories arising from pain, hopelessness and catastrophe. Intrusive conditions are ineluctable when you are going all the way to clinch your goal but clasping fortitude, gainsaying melancholy and procrastination are two most important things to focus unto stage of your fantasy is visualized.

Success shouldn’t be misinterpreted by happiness; yes it is profuse enough to wipe tears and fulfill certain levels of contentment but……… (To be contd.)


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